Overview There are four types of resources in The New Colonies. Food, Supplies, Labor (Population), and Wealth. Each land territory contains three resource tokens, one each for Food, Supplies and Labor. The tokens begin face down on the map. When any player enters a land territory, the tokens are turned face up. Each token will reveal a number from 1 to 10. This represents that territory’s capability to produce (or support) that resource.

In addition to the resource described on its face, each token produces an equal amount of wealth. Here is an example:

Scott has just claimed his first territory and built a settlement. In that territory, he will produce 8 Food, 6 Supplies, and 9 labor. In addition, he will produce 23 wealth (8 + 6 + 9 = 23).

Resource Description Food Food is used to support both your military units and your population. Food may be stockpiled from round to round. Every logistics phase, you must expend an amount of the food resource equal to your army (all armies and fleets) and population total or face possible Rebellion or suffer Troop Loss. Here is an example:

_Nick has an army totaling 25 units. He also has a total population of 35, which brings his total food required to 60.

His total food production is 50. In addition, he has 10 food left from last round and has received 10 more in a trade with Beau. His total food is 70. So far so good, he’ll be able to spend 60 of his 70 food to feed his people and his military.

But there is a problem… He’s promised 20 food to Scott in a deal he made earlier. That brings his food total down to 50. He decides to spend the full 25 food needed to feed his army. But that still leaves the problem of feeding his people.

At this point he can distribute the food how he sees fit among his settlements, towns, and cities. He can distribute the food evenly and risk a small chance of rebellion from each of his cities or he can fully feed most of his territories and face almost certain rebellion from one or two other cities._

Food is used during the logistics phase.


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